Monday, December 26, 2011

Two Watercolor Portraits Complete

 Meet Frank & Dody 
You are looking at my christmas present to my parents. They are cute aren't they? They are also the people who started me on my path with art. My fathers darkroom in the basement, my mothers love of choreography  & music, involvement in community theater, bands, choirs, constant trips to libraries or museums, are just to name a few of the influences of my childhood. Though with seven children we were not well to do, they could always find a few bucks for supplies and tools like a sewing machine, clarinet, or a nice pen. They loved them as much as the children they brought them to.

But to get to the point, it was that early introduction to the worlds beautiful creations that shaped this girl. And I am beyond grateful. Not only did they share with their children an appreciation for all arts, but they encouraged us all to pursue whatever it was that created fire in our soul. This gift of two paintings won't make us even, but wouldn't be possible without them.

You are looking at two of my strongest advocates. I love them both. Merry Christmas.

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